day 10 – bound for home, au revoir Paris!

Au revoir Paris! California here we come!

Au revoir Paris! California here we come!

The final day was filled with mixed emotions.  Unfortunately, I came down with the start of a cold and fever which forced me to turn in early our last night in Paris, but fortunately, I was able to participate in nearly all that was planned there for us.

As we all gathered for our bus ride to the airport, it was hard to believe that the tour was coming to an end. The fact that we had spent over a week together seemed hard to fathom. It all went by so quickly but there were so many memories and experiences that we shared in some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  Some of these memories we’ll have in pictures to share with friends, some in souvenirs and other items packed in our bags, and others that will be in our minds for years to come.

After arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport a little later than expected due to unexpected traffic, we say our final good bye to Kathi, our fearless tour leader who also is headed back to her own home for time with friends and relaxation.

On the plane, again there is a mix of emotions among the group.  Some are talkative and energetic, moving around the plane, others relaxing quietly in their seats, some completely asleep for the majority of the flight. Most of the conversation is about our experiences, some  missed opportunities, and moments that we enjoyed on the tour. Once we finally arrive in San Francisco, we are thrilled to find our luggage has arrived as well and all went about as smooth as could be expected. I felt not only did we enjoy the sights and learn the history of these great cities in Europe, but we developed many new friendships along the way.

~ Joe