day 6 – Venice

Venice vista.

Venice vista.

We have a trip tour guide with us, Kathi, previously mentioned, but for many of our destinations we have a local tour guide and today it’s Carlo. Carlo was born and raised in Venice but now resides outside the city in the nearby mainland region Veneto. Like an ever increasing number of younger people, he has left Venice and as a result of this general exodus, Venice is a dying city propped up only by tourism. Walking through the city gives one the sense that Venice is becoming a giant theme park. Regardless, the extant art and architecture are timeless and stunning.

The crown jewel of Venice,  St. Mark’s square, is bordered by St. Mark’s Cathedral and the seat of government at that time, the Doge’s (Leader’s) Palace where legislation, trials and other legal matters were executed. Connecting the Doge’s Palace and the adjacent prison where sentences and torture were carried out, is the small but infamous flying bridge known as the Bridge of Sighs. A tour of the Doge’s Palace takes you over the Bridge of Sighs and as you walk over the bridge, you try to imagine the thoughts going through the condemned as they left forever, life as they knew it.

Another view of the Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal.

We cap off the evening with dinner and a concert. Most dinners are included in the tour and are satisfactory but unremarkable. On this occasion, we go off routine and select a recommended restaurant and are rewarded by fine local cuisine; then off to the concert. The performance this evening is Vivaldi and we are not disappointed.

~ Ken