day 4 – Innsbruck via Salzburg

Liz and Debbie at the market place.

Liz and Debbie at the market place.

Today was more than spectacular, walking in the wonderland that is Salzberg in winter. When Debbie and I walked over the bridge over the Danube leading to the town center, we couldn’t help but hug each other in amazement to be in this spot at this moment. The day came to a beautiful end with the almost full moon shining down above the Alpes. It was a great day to appreciate the beauty of the season.

~ Liz

As we arrived in Salzberg, I was blown away by the beauty of the town. My view from the side of the bus showed blazing white snow but still did not hint how cold it was going to be. As we exited the bus to go on our walking tour, the wind seeped through my clothes and into my bones. I knew it was going to be freezing. As the tour went on it seemed to get colder and colder, but it did not stop me from enjoying learning about the fascinating history of the city.

~ MelRod

Every day is more amazing than the next! Today I was astonished by ripe, mouth-watering fruits in the Salzburg market in -7 degrees C.

~ Anna