day 1 – departure!

Waiting in Denver for our connecting flight to Frankfurt.

Waiting in Denver for our connecting flight to Frankfurt.

Here we go!  We are on our way to Austria, Italy and France, but first we have to spend about 15 hours on planes with stops in Denver, Frankfurt, and then on to Vienna.  We arrived at SF airport at 7:30 Tuesday morning, January 6 and will arrive in Vienna on Wednesday afternoon, January 7 (we hope!).   We had a slight glitch at ticketing in SF Airport, but all was resolved and we moved through security almost without a hitch (some of us must have looked suspicious!). The flight to Denver was comfortable and now in Denver Airport we have several hours till our connection on Lufthansa to Frankfurt.  It will be a long long day and night, but we are wearing our smiles!

~ Helayna

Now I am getting excited. It is 1pm Pacific time and after 2 hours 40 minutes of flight from SFO to Denver and I think I am ready for Europe. Four hours of layover at the Denver Airport gave me a great opportunity to socialize with my co-travelers. Had a great chicken strips and salad lunch with Lisa, Aaron, and Mike. Took some pictures. Ready to make some great memories of my first trip to Europe.

~ Shoba